Frequently Asked Questions

You can add a listing by visiting this link. After manual approval we will add your venue to the list. You will receive an email notification as soon as possible about this.

To edit a listing you should go the the page of the venue/spot that you want to change. At the top of that page you can see a button "Edit Page". In the next screen you will be asked to provide the correct or changed information and after manual approval we will change the information on the page. In case you want to edit this information without approval, you can claim your business and directly change the information.

Please visit the signup page to create an account at After this you will get your own profile on our website and you can enjoy all the benefits of being a member of NightJock.

We are trying to keep all information as updated as possible on our website. Nevertheless, we cannot be sure that all information is correct. Make sure to double check any information by calling the venue or by Googling for additional information on certain spots.

Please email to and ask us to remove your account.